Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Singapore News: $55m funding for Design Industry

SINGAPORE: Singapore's design industry has received S$55 million in funding to help turn Singapore into a global design city.

DesignSingapore Council on Tuesday announced the new DesignSingapore Initiative Phase 2, dubbed Dsg-II.

The framework will guide national policy towards developing design capability. It also aims to use design across industry clusters for economic growth, quality of life and the environment.

The Council said Dsg-II seeks to distinguish Singapore as a key innovative nation through a three-pronged approach.

The first strategy is in developing capability – through Professional Development, Design Learning and International Market Development

The second strategy is in enabling enterprises to leverage good design for economic growth, quality of life and the environment.

Strategy three is to drive innovation and design intellectual property creation.

The National Design Centre will serve as the one-stop centre for all DesignSingapore programmes and help foster the spirit of innovation.

It will also include an integrated design hub to match-make designers and businesses and promote new possibilities for products.

- CNA/yb

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is Green Design?

Is it transportable?
Is it sustainable?
Is it affordable?
Is it adaptable?

The following link provides some answers to the above questions and more at:

Design: The Emergency chair

A do-it-yourself chair in case you need a chair urgently. More cool furniture designs can be found at: