Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bite Size Question 5

1. There are different strategies for generating ideas in Ideation.

a) Name three techniques that can be used for generating ideas. [2]

b) Show, giving details of the steps, how you would use attribute listing to help generate ideas for a laptop. [5]

Bite Size Question 4

1. Evaluation is ongoing throughout the design process.

a) Explain how a designer can use PMI to help out in the design process. [2]

b) Explain, using an example, how modelling can be used in evaluating ideas. [2]

c) Briefly explain how a final design solution can be evaluated. [2]

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bite Size Question 3

1. Understanding of ergonomics and anthropometry are essential in designing and making products.

(a) Explain the term ergonomics and anthropometry.  [4]

(b) Show how you would use two anthropometric data to design a school chair for secondary school students.  [4]

Build an Engineering Masterpiece With Leftover Soda Straws

An innovative toy that can stimulate a child's imagination to create beautiful structures.

Read the full story at:

Evolution Door

This product reminds of Origami when I look at how it functions. Aesthetically pleasing.

Watching This "Evolution Door" Open Will Blow Your Mind

(via Inhabitat)