Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bite Size Question 17


1. A thyristor is normally used in an alarm system.

Describe, with the aid of sketches, how a thyristor is used in an alarm system. [4]

Bite Size Question 16


1. There are different types of sensors used in electronic circuits.

a) The Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) is a type of sensor. Describe how this sensor works. [2]

b) Another type of sensor is affected by heat. Name and sketch this electronic component. [2]

Bite Size Question 15


1. Switches are used to make or break an electronic circuit.

a) Name two different types of switches.

b) A transistor is also known as an 'automatic switch'. Explain, with sketches and annotations, how a transistor works.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


'LittleBits is like Lego for the Ipad generation'. See the link below to know more about littleBits and what they can do.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bite Size Question 14


One type of motion in mechanisms is linear motion, which is defined by motion in a straight line.

a) Identify and sketch out the other 3 types of motion. [6]

Bite Size Question 13


The figure below shows a wheelbarrow.


a) Identify the class of lever used in the figure above. [1]

b) Sketch out the wheelbarrow and mark the positions of the load (L), fulcrum (F) and effort (E) clearly using arrows. [4]

Bite Size Question 12


1. A spur gear system is one of the gear systems used in machines.

a) Identify and sketch out another 2 types of gear mechanisms. [4]

Bite Size Question 11


1. Structures can be be made more rigid and firm using reinforcements.

a) Identify and sketch out 2 types of reinforcement used in structures. [4]

Bite Size Question 10


1. The figure below shows a man on a diving board.


a) Redraw the diagram and mark the position of the forces acting on the diving board. [3]

b) Name the force/s experienced by the diving board. [3]

Bite Size Question 9


1. Structures can be categorised as frame and shell structures.

a) Explain the difference between a frame and a shell structure. [2]

b) Name an example of each type of structure. [2]

Bite Size Question 8

The figure below shows two type of drawings.


a) Name the type of drawings shown above. [2]

b) Explain the purpose of the drawings used. [2]

Bite Size Question 7

1. The figure below shows a type of drawing.


a) Name the type of drawing shown in the figure above. [1]

b) Explain why this type of drawing is used. [2]

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bite Size Question 6

1. It is important to select the best idea for development after ideation.

a) Give 2 advantages of PMI as compared to SWOT in selecting the best idea for development. [2]

b) Describe any 2 aspects of development in the design process. [4]